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Diabetes survivors of COVID-19

COVID-19 and diabetes. It’s a scary topic – we know that people with diabetes, particularly Type 2 diabetes, are at greater risk of severe COVID-19. And we know that there are certain precautions people with diabetes should take, and some helpful free resources during the pandemic.

Here’s what we know about COVID-19 and diabetes in SA – there’s not much local research yet. A lot of diabetics have been worried about getting coronavirus, especially because it’s the top co-morbidity in many South African cases. So we asked on our Diabetic South Africans if there were any diabetes survivors of COVID-19. Here’s Sphango’s story.

Type 2 diabetes survivor of COVID-19

“My name is Sphango Ta-spiro Njumbuxa and I’ve had Type 2 diabetes for nearly 10 years now. A few weeks ago I had a heavy flu and I decided to go and test for COVID-19. They called me back after a week of isolation and told me that my results are positive.”

“I wasn’t scared. I treated it like a normal flu: I drank Med-Lemon with an aspirin in the morning and evening before bed. I also ate a lot of vitamin C and E during the day.”

“It was easy for me to self isolate because I stayed alone. I controlled my blood sugar with my Metformin 850 – it wasn’t much higher than usual.”

“My advice to other people with diabetes who are worried about getting COVID-19? Stay at home and keep warm, my fellow diabetics.”

More diabetes survivors of COVID-19

Do you know anyone with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes who has survived COVID-19? Please ask them to share their story with us, and we can create a space of hope for people with diabetes during these difficult times! You can either email us or ask them to reach out on Diabetic South Africans.

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