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COVID-19 resources for people with diabetes

It’s a tough time to be living with diabetes. Not only do we have all the usual things to worry about, but our chronic condition puts us at greater risk of getting coronavirus. That’s why we have to stay informed and stay safe. Here are some really helpful resources.

staying healthy with diabetes during covid-19

Diabetes helpline during COVID-19

Diabetes South Africa and the SA NCD Alliance have set up a diabetes helpline for all those with diabetes during the coronavirus pandemic. This is not to diagnose coronavirus, but to provide help and assistance for diabetes management during this difficult time. Check out the details below, and send a WhatsApp to 081-578-6636 or email for help.

diabetes helpline during covid-19

E-book on living with diabetes during COVID-19

This helpful e-book offers tips, advice and information about living with diabetes during the COVID-19 outbreak in South Africa. It outlines the symptoms to watch out for, how to stay safe, when to call your doctor and what supplies to have at home.

Click ‘Download’ below to download the 14 page e-book (1MB) or read it online here.

diabetes coronavirus ebook

Sharing data with your doctor

Abbott (who manufacture the FreeStyle Libre) are focused on helping people with diabetes to manage your condition by making it as simple as possible to check in with your doctor.

connect to your diabetes doctor remotely

Sharing your blood sugar results remotely can be tricky, but if you’re lucky enough to be using the FreeStyle Libre, you can take advantage of the FreeStyle LibreLink mobile phone app and LibreView, a website that doubles as a secure cloud-based data management tool. That means when you plug your meter or phone into your computer, you can upload all your blood sugar results and see your diabetes management for the past two weeks (or longer). You can immediately see what your blood sugar looks like in graphs for each day, and even get an estimated HbA1c (which is helpful seeing as we’re all on lockdown!)

It allows both you and your doctor to connect to each other and view reports of what your blood sugar has been doing each day and for the past few weeks. If you download the LibreLinkUp app, you can also invite your family to access your blood sugar data remotely, at any time.

Free diabetes app

Keeping track of your blood sugar is more important now than ever – especially because you probably won’t be seeing your doctor as much as usual. That’s why Roche have decided to give their mySugr Pro app away for free for 6 months! Check out all the details here, it can be used with any meter and is one of our community’s favourites.

free mysugr pro app

Advice on injection technique

Do you inject insulin? BD and Me is a whole website just for you – with tips and videos on how to inject better, so that your blood sugar is better controlled. Free access with the code below!

Emotional support during COVID-19

If you’re looking to connect with other diabetics who understand what it’s like to be living with a chronic condition in the face of a pandemic, please join us on Diabetic South Africans on Facebook. We talk about coronavirus and how to live well with diabetes, but we also talk about our favourite healthy snacks, what makes us happy and what annoys us about being diabetic. It’s a safe space for everyone, and we’d love to see you there.

diabetes support during coronavirus

What you need to know: COVID-19 and diabetes

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