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Beyond the 5 symptoms of diabetes

This November, we’re calling on all South Africans to #WearBlueforDiabetes & Know the 5! But what if you want to go beyond the 5 symptoms of diabetes, and understand your condition more? We’ve partnered with Sanofi to bring you all you need to know.

Do you know the 5 symptoms of diabetes?

This year, we want to spark interest in why people are wearing blue, and share the 5 symptoms of diabetes: 

What causes diabetes?

But do you know what causes diabetes? We love this video as a quick explainer! Please share with anyone you think might need it… Knowledge is power.

Diabetes Patient Support Portal

Sanofi has a whole Diabetes Patient Support Portal filled with information to help you live a healthy, happy life with diabetes. Check out these favourites, all available on their portal:

  1. Living with Diabetes 
    This booklet is a guide for everyday living with diabetes for you and your family. It has tips on how to test your blood glucose, healthy eating and how to use a plate model and regular physical activity.

Download the booklet here:

2. Paediatric Handout for Type 1 diabetes

This handout is great for families who’s child has been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and may have many questions about what is happening and where to go from here.

Download the booklet here:

3. The Diabetes Journey

You can also follow the journey of 3 South African women from one family who have lived with the highs and lows of diabetes.

Watch the video to learn more.

For more on why you should care about diabetes and know your risks, please visit Sanofi Patient Support Portal.

What is diabetes? The ultimate guide to understanding diabetes: Want to know how diabetes works in the body? Here’s a simple explanation.

#WearBlueforDiabetes & Know the 5: South Africa needs a mass diabetes awareness drive. If we can lay the basic foundation this year, we can build on it in future years.

How to create safe spaces in schools for kids with diabetes: Here’s all the best advice we could find, from diabetes organisations around the world.

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