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Type 2 diabetes risk factors video: watch these cute pets to see if you’re at risk

We know that nobody wants to talk about Type 2 diabetes risk factors… But can you spare 1 minute to watch this adorable video of cute pets?

What are Type 2 diabetes risk factors?

If you have a combination of these risk factors, you could have Type 2 diabetes. But it can often be reversed. Find out how to reverse Type 2 diabetes here.

Did you know?

All adults over 45 years old should have an annual diabetes screening.

National Department of Health

A simple diabetes test

A diabetes screening takes less than 5 minutes, it’s painless, and you’ll get the results immediately. You can get your blood sugar checked at your local clinic or pharmacy, and find out if you’re at risk of Type 2 diabetes. If you are, don’t panic! It can be reversed. But not if you don’t know that you have it.

type 2 diabetes risk factors

Living well with Type 2 diabetes

If you already have Type 2 diabetes, don’t panic. Even if you can’t reverse it, you can still live a long, happy, healthy life with Type 2 diabetes. It all comes down to managing it: here are some helpful suggestions.

How do you manage Type 2 diabetes?

The most important thing to remember is TEEL:

type 2 diabetes management TEEL

Join our diabetes community

Remember that you’re not alone in this: there are literally millions of us living with diabetes each day. Join Diabetic South Africans on Facebook to connect with other people with diabetes, and get tips and suggestions on how to make life easier.

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Join South Africans with Diabetes on Facebook

Join our diabetes community


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