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Do you know the 5 symptoms of diabetes?

1 in 2 people with diabetes is undiagnosed in South Africa. That’s why it’s so important to share the 5 symptoms of diabetes with everyone you know. That’s what the Know Diabetes movement is all about: we can change the diagnosis number by sharing these symptoms with family and friends, and asking them to share them far and wide.

5 symptoms of diabetesThe 5 symptoms of diabetes

1. Extreme hunger
2. Extreme thirst
3. Needing to pee a lot
4. Exhaustion
5. Blurry vision

Getting your blood sugar checked is quick and simple – the results are immediate and it only takes 5 minutes. Please encourage everyone you know to get their blood sugar checked every year!

test your blood sugar for symptoms of diabetesDo you have any questions about diabetes? Check out our Diabetes Info section and use the search bar to find the answers. Still have a question? Email us and we’ll get our diabetes experts to answer them.

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  1. Ashley Ashley

    if u have 3 out 5 symptoms does that mean u are diabetic

    • Hi Ashley!
      It definitely means you should get your blood sugar checked. It’s a simple fingerprick test, takes less than 5 mins and will let you know right away if your blood sugar is in the normal range or not. Let us know how it goes?

  2. Mbulelo Sirunu Mbulelo Sirunu

    If you have pains in your joints and you pee a lowhat can you do

    • How’s your blood sugar? Peeing a lot can be a sign of high blood sugar… For joint pain you should see your doctor so that they can check it out. Good luck!

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