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What does a good day with diabetes look like?

We often talk about the challenges of diabetes with our South Africans with Diabetes community – and that’s okay! Diabetes has many challenges. But it’s also helpful to think about what a good day with diabetes looks like, and how to try to get more of those

A good day with diabetes:

Not having painful feet and no tiredness.

Jonathan van der Nest

Being able to keep my daughter’s blood glucose between 4 and 7, which happens most days due to Low Carb High Protein diet. Thankful for Dr Bernstein and all his research.

Nanette Janse van Rensburg

A good day would be to keep my sugar under 8mmol/l, I will be just fine. No pain in my feet.

Priscilla Krishna

Believing that you have the mental capacity to get around the problems at hand. Not much more problems than any other type of person, just different, with different challenges.

Bielie van Coller

No aching feet, not feeling tired πŸ’š

Sharon Baratang Khoza

Waking up and doing things that I love.

Katleho Iolom Moloi

A level between 6.5 and 8.5mmol/l the entire day even after working out.

Jacques Jac Marais

Not feeling tired.

Noelene Arends

Burning feet today πŸ‘£

Ando Moitsiwa

Thank the Lord for waking me up πŸ‘ sugar levels are low πŸ‘ and no burning πŸ‘£ no aches and pains πŸ‘

Sharon Fourie

Definitely normal sugar levels.

Isaac Molepo

Newly diagnosed and for me a good day would definitely be waking up without extreme fatigue. I go to bed tired and wake up tired. Low energy levels throughout the day. Pain keeps me awake and managing 4 hours of sleep, is a good night.

Jeanette Ras

Good day with diabetes no stress at all just being happy, normal life πŸ‘Œ

Modise Edward Moepche

No low blood sugar.

Leanda Visagie

No vibrations or beeps…

Danelle Van Heerden

Stable blood sugars

Kim Andersen

Waking up with good readings, not being extremely hungry and tired.

Tselane Hlanyane

Definitely agree, stable readings, no tiredness or neuropathy pain. And being able to fully complete tasks without having to stop and start every 10 minutes πŸ™

Kim Shaw

I’ve had diabetes for 13 years now! And just about every day is different!! But a good day would be to keep my sugar readings under 10mmol/l the whole day!! No burning feet that are very painful…

Pamela Wilder

Not feeling tired, no aches and pains, being able to do normal things without any issues.

Alicia Nagessar

Able to wake up πŸ†™ standup, walk and live every day like a normal dayπŸ™

Psalm Psalm

Feeling good and healthy πŸ™πŸ˜β™₯

Avril Cleenwerck

Feeling good , being alive and starting with 5,4mmol/l.

Peter Zangerle

Being alive and well.

Sanjay Krishen

Waking up feeling refreshed and ready to face the day despite the many chores to do 🀭

Charlene Mitchell

Not feeling tired and definitely no pains.

Maggie Rose Bez

My good day will be thanking God for waking me up.
No burning feet.
No pins and needles in my feet and normal sugar level πŸ’™πŸ’™

Debbie Schwulst

What about you? What does a good day with diabetes look like to you?

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Photo by Sam Manns and Kaylee Garrett on Unsplash

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