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What are diabetic friendly snacks?

Hi everyone! What I would like to know is what are the best snacks for a diabetic? I am a caregiver and very new at it… when my loved one is with me I would like to make sure I have things that he can eat.

It’s my boyfriend and he is 24 and has Type 1 diabetes….. I just want to show him I care and I am here to help and support him.

It’s difficult when he comes to visit me because I do not have the food he can eat and I want to have that food for him. I want him not to feel out or a burden because he has diabetes.

Thanks for any tips!
– Roxzanne Tegan Lands

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  1. Hi Roxzanne!
    The goal is to go for low-carb or carb-free snacks that also don’t have too much fat – rather tricky! Things like nuts are good in small portions, and toasted sunflower seeds don’t have any carbs and are very tasty. Popcorn is also not a bad option, as it has less carbs than chips – but again, in moderation. Steer clear of dried fruit as it’s high in sugar (and carbs).
    Hope this helps!

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