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#WearBlueforDiabetes 5 Symptoms School Challenge

To celebrate National Diabetes Month, we asked our Facebook community to share a special School Challenge… and the response was amazing. Take a look at these fantastic #WearBlueforDiabetes 5 Symptoms Challenge entries!

5 symptoms school challenge

The 5 Symptoms Challenge

School had to sign up to the challenge and post a pic or video of the learners explaining the 5 symptoms of diabetes in the most innovative way, while using #WearBlueforDiabetes

We had schools from all over South Africa taking part in the challenge… and man oh man the learners came in guns blazing! It was not an easy task, but after much deliberation we have a winner…

Winner of the 2023 #WearBlueforDiabetes 5 Symptoms Challenge

Congratulations to Nhlanhleni SP School in KwaZulu/Natal for winning a colour printer and ink for a year! Here is a link to their entry video.

Honourable mentions for the 5 Symptoms Challenge

There were some truly amazing entries! The following schools get honourable mentions.

Cloudb_kids: here is a link to their video.

Sumerhill Prep School, here is a link to their video.

Stutterheim Int Primary School, here is a link to their video.

Nazareth Primary school, here is a link to their video.

Laerskool Piet Retief:

Thank you so much for taking part! We look forward to the 2024 competition…

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