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Snacks for diabetic children?

Good day
My 10 year old daughter is a Type 1 diabetic and she gets all her medication from Nkosi Albert Luthuli Hospital. She takes her insulin 4 times a day.

With the summer holidays at our doorstep, food and snacks is my problem.
What do I give my child to eat?
My husband is also type 2 diabetic.

Your advice will be highly appreciated.
– Vanessa Govender

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  1. June Vincent June Vincent

    Why not make jelly out of Tab and gelatine, or any other sugar-free drink? It tastes good and can also be used as a dessert with sugar-free ice cream.

  2. Lyn Starck Lyn Starck


    The snacks and food should not really differ because it is school holidays except that she may want to eat more

    All snacks and meals should be balanced and consist of a carbohydrate and protein with 3 meals and 3 snacks

    Try and stay away from too many chips and very high fat foods as at puberty girls can tend to put on weight

    She should eat at least 4-5 portions of fruit or vegetables

    Too much food restriction in children leads to “cheating” and hiding foods so encourage her to make healthy choices without judging.Food should be enjoyed and there should not be constant policing and nagging

    If insulin doses are correct most foods can be eaten.You need to visit a dietitian who can assist you in healthy eating for the whole family


    Lyn Starck

    Diabetes Nurse Specialist

    Red Cross Children’s Hospital

  3. Belinda Naidoo Belinda Naidoo


    I am a Type 2 diabetic and these are pantry standards in my house:
    1. Rice cakes
    2. Fresh fruit (lower fructose fruit like green apples)
    3. Pretzels (rather than chips)
    4. Brooks Oros (Lo Cal)
    5. Popcorn

    All snacks should be in moderation and quantity is dependant on sugar levels and activity levels.

    Take care

  4. Hey Vanessa!

    We are a small ice cream business in Kommetjie, Cape Town and we have develoved a whole range of flavours for diabetics after my godson was diagnosed with it.They have been certified by the GI Foundation and the Diabetes South Africa Foundation. Please check out our webpage: We have sugar free lollies made out of pulp fruit. A great snack for this hot summer!
    Take care and happy 2012!

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