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New diabetes cookbook! Low-Carb Express

There’s a new diabetes cookbook in town, and it is fabulous! Here’s all you need to know about Low-Carb Express by Vickie de Beer.

I was lucky enough to get an early copy of Low-Carb Express, the latest cookbook from Low Carb Queen Vickie de Beer (here’s her story of how she got involved in low carb cooking). Vickie’s earlier books – The Low Carb Solution for Diabetics and My Low Carb Kitchen are both very helpful. But Low-Carb Express wins for me because the focus is on easy, quick, healthy cooking. Easy and quick! Two of my favourite words.

Low-Carb Express offers 66 low-carb recipes that can be prepared in 5 to 30 minutes.

Recipes for everyone

I don’t eat strictly low carb, but I do try to cut out carbs whenever I can (I was won over by this explanation from one of our community members about how to easily eat low carb!) What’s amazing about this book is that it makes low carb accessible for anyone – whether or not you have fancy ingredients or fancy kitchen equipment, you can incorporate more low carb recipes into your life.

I also really love the super-practical tips for each section that Vickie has shared. These are things that make it possible to cook a healthy meal for your family in 20 minutes (or less!) – the kind of advice I wish I’d known when I first started cooking.

Variety and flavour

And then, of course, there are the recipes themselves… Delicious, healthy food that is guaranteed not to spike your blood sugar. What a treat! Vickie got into low carb cooking because her son Lucca was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, so all these recipes have been tried and tested in a home that knows exactly what it’s like to live with diabetes.

There’s everything from breakfast and snack ideas to lunch, dinner, baking and desserts. Honestly, the first thing you’ll want to do after reading this book is get in the kitchen!

And again, did I mention that they are speedy recipes? What a treat to know that in 5 (or 10 or 15 or 20 or 30) minutes, you can have a healthy dinner on the table.

Meet Vickie, and win a copy of the book!

I’m so excited that we have two opportunities for you to meet Vickie and talk about the low carb diet with her.

The first is a Facebook Live event on Tuesday March 30th at 8pm on our Facebook page: Diabetic South Africans. I’ll be asking Vickie all your questions about living with diabetes and eating low carb, and we’ll give away a copy of Low-Carb Express during the event!

The second is an in-person event for those in Cape Town. I’ll be interviewing Vickie at the Grande Roche Restaurant in Paarl on Saturday 10th April, over a delicious 3 course breakfast. Tickets include your own copy of Low-Carb Express! Check out the details below.

Buy Low-Carb Express now

If you can’t wait to get your hands on a copy (I don’t blame you!), here’s where you can buy the book. It really is a treasure.

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