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How to start your own diabetes support group

Want to get involved in the diabetes community? Here’s how to start your own diabetes support group.

how to start your own diabetes support group

Diabetes SA has a whole list of diabetes support groups, but if there isn’t one in your area, don’t worry! We have some tips for how to start your own.

5 steps to starting your own diabetes support group

1. Find a suitable space to hold the meetings

Preferably for free. Think of places like your local library or Scout Hall.

2. Choose an expert

Find a diabetes educator or a clinic sister who can be at each meeting to answer medical questions. Set the first few dates (once a month is a good plan!)

3. Spread the word

Tell everyone you know with diabetes in your area, put up notices in the community (library notice boards are great for this!) and even in the local newspaper if you can.

4. Share it online

If you have social media, share it on your own Facebook page. Send the details to us and we’ll happily share it on South Africans with Diabetes and invite others in your area to join!

5. Meet once a month to support each another.

While it’s helpful to have a diabetes expert of some kind at your meetings, it’s also so valuable just to have people with diabetes who want to meet and share their experiences. Sometimes getting involved is as easy as being honest about diabetes.

Let us know (in the comments) if you’ve started a support group, and we’ll spread the word for you.

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