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WhatsApp support groups for diabetics

A little while ago, one of our community members on Facebook suggested starting a WhatsApp support group in Gauteng for people with diabetes. She asked if we would post her number and see if there was any interest… And boy oh boy, was there interest! Since then, a few other cities have started WhatsApp support groups – please see below for the city, the person’s name who runs the group, and their number. You can simply WhatsApp them and ask to be part of the group.

WhatsApp support groups across South Africa:

Please note: These are not run by Sweet Life. They are not run by medical specialists. They are simply groups to offer support about living with diabetes. Don’t ever change your medication without checking with a medical specialist. We’re all in this together!


Danielle: 079 874 1510

Cape Town:

Gabi: 073 174 2074


Jayshree: 082 875 3089


Heather: 072 508 6347

Eastern Cape:

Deliah: 081 020 6483


Mokgolwane: 064 826 6615


Monene: 072 416 1019

Northern Cape

Nombulelo: 082 992 9647

North West

Shelta: 060 350 7991

Support and information for diabetics

If you’re looking to connect with a group of people living with diabetes in South Africa, join Diabetic South Africans on Facebook – our vibrant, helpful community. For medically accurate, trusted information on diabetes, check out our Diabetes Info page.

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  1. Fred Williams Fred Williams

    There are times we need answers to questions and a support group could be helpful

    • Agreed! Just remember that these groups are not run by medical specialists, so it’s important to see your doctor or clinic for any medication related questions 🙂

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