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How To: FreeStyle Libre System videos

We’ve been getting so many questions about the FreeStyle Libre System, because of our work with the #fingerstickfree movement.

Except, we’re not actually the experts! That’s why we asked Abbott, the company behind the FreeStyle Libre System, to share some practical advice with us. Here it is! Let us know if you have any other questions and we’ll get the answers!

How to claim the Discovery CGM Benefit

This video outlines how to apply for your FreeStyle Libre System if you’re a Discovery Health member living with Type 1 diabetes. It includes the step-by-step process to follow, and where to get your prescription for the Discovery CGM Benefit.

Where to claim the FreeStyle Libre

Not sure exactly where to claim your FreeStyle Libres as part of the Discovery CGM Benefit? This video outlines it step-by-step, including the contact details for the 3 retailers who will process your prescription and deliver your FreeStyle Libres to you: CDE, Pharmacy Direct and M-Kem.

All about the *free* FreeStyle Libre apps

Do you know about the free FreeStyle Libre apps available, and about LibreView? This video explains all the apps and how LibreView can help you connect remotely with your healthcare provider, to share data and get advice.

Do you have questions about the FreeStyle Libre?

If you’re not sure where to start with your new FreeStyle Libre, you can either check out the FreeStyle Libre website for FAQ and How To videos (more like this!) or you can call their Customer Service team for product help or to schedule a free remote training session. Watch the video above, or call 0800 222 688.

That’s what we’ve got! What do you think, are all your questions answered, or do you still have some? Let us know!

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