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Diabetes and exercise: a video

We know that exercise is one of the things people with diabetes have a lot of questions about. That’s why we asked the Diabetic Athletic, Nicholas Caracandas, to join us for one of our Sweet Life Talks and answer all your questions about diabetes and exercise. We were surprised how many Diabetic South Africans had questions!

If you want to get more helpful information from Nicholas, check out his diabetes and fat loss series here.

diabetes and exercise video

Questions about diabetes and exercise

So what did people want to know? We’ve copied them below so that you can see what questions Nicholas answered, watch the video to get his full (in-depth!) answers.

Hypos after exercise

“The more I exercise, the more hypos I get and the higher my cravings and hunger…. I exercise 4 times a week and eat before I exercise and still get hypos during or after exercise. I am really feeling overwhelmed.” Anmar

Highs after exercise

“Why does my blood sugar rise after exercise?” Sharon

Exercising with high blood sugar

“Why is it that when I exercise if my sugar is high, that my body feels like it doesn’t want to move?” Kim

Exhaustion after exercise

“What makes me so exhausted after I exercise?” Siphiwe


  • What time of day is best to exercise when you have diabetes?
  • What exercise is best for diabetics? Any suggestions for at-home exercise?
  • If your blood sugar is high, is there anything you can do at home to bring it down?

Sweet Life Talks: Nicholas Caracandas

Watch Diabetic Athletic Nicholas Caracandas interviewed by Sweet Life’s Bridget McNulty here.

If you’re struggling with diabetes and exercise, please know that you’re not alone. Join us on Diabetic South Africans to talk about it.

Photo by Luis Quintero on Unsplash

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