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Cholesterol clinical trial for diabetics

As we all know, diabetes and high cholesterol often go hand in hand. Which is why we’re spreading the word about a cholesterol clinical trial for diabetics.

Synexus currently has a cholesterol clinical trial for diabetic patients – are you interested in taking part? They are offering free blood pressure, blood glucose and blood cholesterol tests and will then find out if you are interested in participating in their clinical trials should you meet the criteria.

They have various clinical trials at the moment:        

  • Asthma study
  • Cholesterol study for patients who have had a cardiovascular event
  • Osteo-Arthritis study

If you are interested or would like more information, check out the Synexus website to see what studies they are currently running.

The cholesterol clinical trials take place at various sites all over South Africa, so once an individual is interested, they refer them to the nearest site to their location.

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  1. ntombi ntombi

    treatment for cholesterol

  2. Sindi Sindi

    I’m type 2 diabetic and on medication for cholesterol. I’m interested

  3. Salma Richards Salma Richards

    Very interested would like to participate

  4. Colin Owen Colin Owen

    I am an interested diabetic aged 66

  5. Colleen Lynch Colleen Lynch

    I am interested,I’m Diabetic.

  6. Mac Fourie Mac Fourie

    Yes I am interested.
    Age 54.
    Heart stent.

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