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The best diabetes specialists in South Africa

We get one question on our Diabetic South Africans Facebook page every week: please can you recommend a diabetes specialist in (a certain city)?

diabetes doctor and diabetes specialist in south africa

And then we ask the diabetes community, and get amazing answers. So I thought it would be helpful to compile all of those answers in one place. If you’re looking for a diabetes specialist, take a look at the list below. I’ve included comments in italics when people had something specific to say. And if you have a diabetes specialist to recommend, please share! You can either comment on this page or on the Diabetic South Africans Facebook page.

These are all diabetic specialists recommended by the diabetes community – endocrinologists, doctors and a few diabetes educators.


Joburg diabetes specialists:

Find a diabetes specialist in Centurion:

Pretoria diabetes specialists:

Find a diabetes specialist in Boksburg:


Find a diabetes specialist in Secunda:

Find a diabetes specialist in Witbank:

  • Dr Lombard and Kate Ratcliff at the Diabetic Clinic in Witbank – 013 697 2407
    I have been with them for almost 8 years now and have got my HBA1C from 10.8 to 6.0. They arrange all your yearly appointments with Kate, the diabetic educator, the podiatrist, eye specialist and dietitian. You also see Dr Lombard every time you see the previously mentioned people. They have received awards with the medical association and are all just awesome!
  • Dr Kathy Bridgens: ophthamologist


Durban diabetes specialists:

  • Dr Diab in the Kloof area (Highway Diabetes Centre – 031 765 8741.
  • Dr Shafeeka Tayob – Ethekwini Hospital in Durban – 031 581 2524
    Paediatric endocrinologist with an interest in Type 1 diabetes.
  • Dr Randeree at Parklands is an endocrinologist
  • Dr Pillay in Westville.
    He is a paediatric endocrinologist.
  • Dr Govender, Sedeshan Soobramoney
    Very good specialist
  • Dr Jairam at Kingsway Hospital in Amanzimtoti. Very happy with him.
  • Dr Jo Skelton (endocrinologist)
  • Fiona Prins
    A diabetic specialist par excellence
  • Dr Govender in Umhlunga
  • Julie Peacock is a registered dietitian practising in the Durban North, KZN area. She has lived with Type 1 diabetes for the last 43 years!
  • Dr Yasmeen Ganie is a paediatric endocrinologist in Durban – 031 492 3467

Find a diabetes specialist in Pietermaritzburg:

Find a diabetes specialist in Hilton:

Free State

Find a diabetes specialist in Welkom:

Eastern Cape

Find a diabetes specialist in Port Elizabeth:

Find a diabetes specialist in East London:

  • Dr Sean Murray
  • Unathi Daweti: diabetes nurse educator
    She is the best…

Western Cape

Cape Town diabetes specialists:

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What to read next
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  1. Nick Hagemeier Nick Hagemeier

    Dr.Colyn Internist Medi Clinic Welkom

  2. Ms N.L.Matikinca Ms N.L.Matikinca

    Thanksfor the info.why theres only 1specialist in P.E.
    Pls supply us more doctors.

    • I would love to! These are all sourced from our diabetes community, so I’m hoping there are more people with diabetes in PE who can offer their suggestions 🙂


    Hi Brigette-Dr Mac Robertson is no longer practising in Durban; he is now retired.

    I am a Registered Dietitian practising in the Durban North, KZN area; I have also lived with Type 1 Diabetes for the last 43 years!

  4. Hi Bridget, so good to hear from you and read all the helpful info. that you give us {sweet sugary} people.
    I really look forward to you magazine and emails it makes me realize that we must not give up hope while there are people like you giving us continued hope and health information.

    • What a lovely message, thank you Louis! You made my day 🙂
      You’re right – we’re all in this together…

  5. Hi

    I live in Durban and it is very difficult to visit private Drs and Diabetic Specialist when
    you are not on Medical Aid. There is a Diabetic Clinic at Addington Hospital but what a mission
    trying to go there for Check-ups and medication there are times when I have go there at 5am and eventually leave after 4pm. It is a nightmare. Do you know if there is a Dr or Clinic that doesn’t charge the earth and you can make an appointment and not have to wait for over 10hrs
    Kind Regards Heather Neave

    • Oh that sounds dreadful, Heather! I’m not based in Durban but I know that Jenny Russell from Diabetes SA in Durban knows all there is to know about diabetes in Durbs. Email me on and I’ll put you in touch with her.

  6. Yonela Tukwayo Yonela Tukwayo

    Unathi Daweti, diabetes nurse educator in East London is the best…

    • Hi Yonela!
      Thanks so much for this recommendation – do you have a phone number / address / email for Unathi Daweti? Can’t find anything online.

      • Unati Daweti Unati Daweti

        Hi. This is Unati, my office number is 043 722 1995, office address is 211 Oxford Street, Room 1, 1st floor. Sibaya Sempilo building, east london, next to chicken licken in southernwood.
        Thanks Yonela

  7. Sheri Crous Sheri Crous

    I take my son to Tygerberg Hospital WC as we are not on medical aid.. it is a referral hospital but has an amazing team in Endo. Prof Zollner is amazing! I know the Red Cross Hospital is also popular with those of us with no medical aid!

  8. Pieter Pieter

    Dr Lizl Smith

    Tel: 012 752 8866

    Suite 207 Medical center
    Life Groenkloof Hospital

  9. Hi im danzil im from elspark i need to take my wife to a diabetic docter who is good and can help her to control her disease .please recommend me.thanks she has diabetes 2

      • Alta Alta

        Across from Sunward park hospital is a diabetic clinic.

  10. Hlobi Hlobi

    Hi Everyone

    Any diabetes specialist in Newcastle?

    • Hosni Hosni

      At Madadeni Hospital

  11. Aphiwe Aphiwe

    Hi there. I am look for advice on what to do or who to consult. My mother is diabetic and takes her medication from a local clinic. She recently started struggling with swollen feet and it’s really bad. What can she do?

    • Hi Aphiwe!
      The best would be to take her to the clinic or a doctor and get her feet checked out… It’s important for diabetics to look after their feet and I’m sure she must be really uncomfortable. A podiatrist is a foot specialist so that would be best, but even a GP or clinic doctor should be able to advise. We’re not medical specialists so can’t give medical advice, unfortunately!

  12. I need an endocrinologist (diabetes) in Margate/ to Pietermaritzburg area and urgent appointment for Monday 21 January 2019. Can you please assist

  13. Belinda Schutte Belinda Schutte

    Sadly it’s a battle to find someone good with T1 kids that’s local in DBN… All good Drs and nurses seem be in DBN north/ Umhlanga and Upper Highway. Too far for us. My son wont go to Dr Pillay @ Westville. His bed side manner not good for a withdrawn depressed and angry 13 year old… ?

      • Zanele Zanele

        Hi I’m Zanele.Do you by any chance have a youth support group in Durban. I have a 13 year old son as well that is diabetic. He really needs support.

  14. Phillemon monametsi Phillemon monametsi

    I am phillemon monametsi admitted at fern crest rustenburg.i am chronic on from 19 may I have been admitted in hospital..eversince know I am stuck too weak on hospital as sugar and blood pressure are too high.

  15. Rita Rita

    Good Morning, I have just been diagonised with Diabites, Please help

    • So sorry you’ve just been diagnosed! The best place to start is by reading up on diabetes info – – you can search for specific questions and get answers. And join our Facebook community ( to ask any questions and get support. You’re not alone in this!

    • We are a dynamic team of Health/Weightloss Coaches working with Dr. Liz Hart as our Mentor/Teacher.
      We have a Healthy Life Style Programme for the whole family – we see people in need of not losing weight AND keeping it down BUT by living healthy people can overcome ill health by changing their life style. Obese Children in SA is no. 1 in the world. For the first time in history we can outlive our CHILDREN.

      PLEASE CONTACT US.. You can use our details. Thank you

  16. Hosni Hosni

    Dr Sundeep Bhana Gauteng
    Dr R Mohan Pietermaritzburg KZN

  17. hi im dikeledi my husband is diabetic and he is not taking any treatment he just buy medicines and drink them he doesnt want to go to the nearest clinic i think he doesnt take it serious about it what should i do

    • Hi Dikeledi,
      Please tell him he must go to the clinic – maybe go with him? If he looks after himself (goes to the clinic, takes treatment, eats the right food) he can live a long, healthy life. But if he ignores it diabetes can lead to amputation and blindness and kidney failure. Ask him to think of you and your future together and go to a doctor. Good luck!

  18. Ayesha Seedat Ayesha Seedat

    Hi, I would like to recommend Dr Yasmin Ganie, she’s a pediatric endocrinologist at gateway private hospital and Ahmed al kadi hospital. Excellent doctor

  19. Naledi Naledi

    Hi, My Mom has been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. can i please get help on recommending the best diabetes doctor in Rustenburg North West. her feet are tingling and her throat hurts, she coughs non stop, she has lost a ton of weight. any help will be appreciated.

    Thank you!

  20. Edward Ngqola Edward Ngqola

    I’ve been diabetic for 7 years and my diabetes is well controlled but recently i feel a burning sensation on my legs what could it be and what do i do now?

    • So sorry to hear that, Edward! It’s best to get it checked next time you go to the doctor – burning in the legs is often the first sign of neuropathy (nerve damage) although if you’re well controlled, that doesn’t make sense… Sorry we’re not medical specialists so can’t advise more 🙁

  21. Johannes mohlaloga Johannes mohlaloga

    I m looking for diabetic special doctors around Rustenburg ,struggling with pains on my feet as well as continuously passing urine pls I need help as an urgent

  22. Armien Armien

    Looking for a good diabetes doctor in Cape Town that does not charge an arm and a leg.

    • Have you taken a look at the below recommendations, Armien? Neville Wellington is probably a good place to start as he’s technically a GP not an endocrinologist, so his rates would be better (but he’s a diabetes expert).

  23. […] zesisifo. Kwenza umahluko omkhulu ukubanogqirha olungileyo ( Nalu uluhlu lweengcali eMzantsi Afrika iingcali ezigqwesileyo eMzantsi Afrika ngokuchongwanga luluntu). Kuyanceda nokubayinxalenye yoluntu oluphila nesifo seswekile: sithanda […]

  24. D van der Mescht D van der Mescht

    I am looking for a clinic where you do not have to pay R1700.00 for a consultation. My daughter has diabetes and had a stroke. She is 45 years old. Is there not a clinic that charges less than all these private doctors ????

  25. Ahmad Ahmad

    Dr Shafeeka Tayob at Ethekwini Hospital is an excellent Paediatric Endocrinologist – great with kids with type 1 diabetes.

  26. […] side of the condition. It makes a big difference to have the right doctor (here’s our list of the best South African specialists, as voted by our community). It also helps to join a community: we love Diabetic South Africans on […]

  27. Allen Allen

    Hi everyone,
    Our 2 year old boy has T1D and we are looking for a good paediatric endocrinologist, in Bloemfontein as we are in the final stages of moving to Lesotho (maseru) for work reasons.

  28. Marisa Schultz Marisa Schultz

    And why on earth are they so expensive

    • Good question… I think all specialists are at the same rate because of all the extra studying they did (the usual 5-6 years of med school and then an extra 7 years to specialise I think?!)

  29. Lebo masha Lebo masha

    Good day , please I need to find out how much are consultation for diabetic patient not on medical aid

    • Hi Lebo!
      It will depend which specialist you go to – you can call or email the one in your area (from the list above) and they’ll give you their price.

    • Hi Lebo!
      You can call or email the specialist you want to see from this list, and they’ll be able to tell you how much it costs to see them.

  30. Ntokozo Hadebe Ntokozo Hadebe

    Hi I’m type 2 sugar diabetes I’m looking for a good doctor in Amanzimtoti area Kingsway hospital if possible or any other place I’m not on medial aid will be using cash

    • I’ll ask on Facebook for you ( 🙂

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