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10 Fast ways to improve your immunity

Want to keep healthy all-year round? We’ve found the fastest ways to improve your immunity. A big part of being healthy is, obviously, eating the right food and exercising. Here are some other great tips!

How to improve your immunity

  1. Did you know that if your blood sugar remains high, you’re more likely to get infections? Balanced blood sugar is the key to good health.
  2. Getting an annual flu vaccination can help to build your winter immunity.
  3. Don’t overdo it! Chronic stress can run your immune system down.
  4. Drink up! Increase your intake of healthy drinks like water and rooibos. Hot water with a slice of lemon is a delicious variant.
  5. Eat a healthy and balanced diet, with plenty of fruit and veg. Try foods high in vitamin C (oranges, naartjies, kiwi fruit and berries), vitamin B (cheese and eggs), beta and mixed carotenes (carrots and sweet potato), vitamin E (sunflower seeds and almonds) and selenium (fish and bran). Don’t forget those leafy greens like spinach, kale and broccoli.
  6. Get off the couch! Whether you go for a walk or do an indoor class, keep up your exercise regime to boost your immune system.
  7. Rest more and get more sleep (if you can!)
  8. Get a vitamin B injection to give you an energy boost.
  9. Try pre- and probiotics to balance the bacteria in the gut and boost immunity.
  10. Eat more of these immune-boosting foods: cabbage, garlic, chicken soup, ginger, honey, lemon, mushrooms, oats and fish (like salmon).

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