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Who are you? Results from the Sweet Life Diabetes Community survey.

We recently ran a survey to find out who exactly you are – who makes up the Sweet Life Diabetes Community we know and love. Here are the results:

How old are most people in the Sweet Life Diabetes Community?

age of sweet life diabetes community

Although there’s a spread of all ages, we see the biggest spike in the 35 to 44 age group, with 25% of our community in that age group.

Is the community mainly male or female?

Gender of Sweet Life community

Almost 80% female, according to this survey! Does this surprise you?

Where do most of our community members live?

Where Sweet Life community members live

Each province is represented, with the majority in Gauteng (34%), Western Cape (30%) and KwaZulu/Natal (16%).

Is our community living with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes?

Kind of diabetes of Sweet Life community

An almost equal split of Type 1 (36%) and Type 2 (39%), with a large group of those caring for someone with diabetes (19%) and some in the pre-diabetes range (6%).

Do you access your medical care from public or private?

Where Sweet Life members access care

One third of our community access care in the public sector (33%), with two thirds in the private sector (67%).

Do any of these responses surprise you? We’re so happy to have you here as part of our community!

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