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What has diabetes taught you?

When our co-founder Bridget wrote this column about 15 things diabetes taught her, she was overwhelmed by all the excellent feedback from our South Africans with Diabetes community. So we gathered it up. We asked our community: What has diabetes taught you?

Answers to “What has diabetes taught you?”

That I am not to blame.

Kim Andersen

You have one life, live it well 💐

Sharon Baratang Khoza

To accept the person that I had become and not explain myself to the ignorant.

Alice Mabe

It’s taught me that looking after my body is the most important thing I can do.

Alexandra Van Essche

Go with the flow….and understand that sometimes you need to kick it to the kerb!

Isabella Eksteen

Don’t let it become your “Tag”… go on with your life and learn what to eat.

Ams Huisamen

That you must accept it, and try to manage your diabetes as well as you can, with the medications prescribed to you.

Beatrix Botha

That I’m always a target for infections and in peaceful nights sometimes.

Cpho Smah Nkosi

Eat correctly, and watch the carbs!!!

Mary-Anne Cass Arnolds

That sugar is not sweet.

Siraj Majid

To be humble and appreciate life.
I can only sadly think about my life before I was diagnosed and I should have appreciated life and my health more.

Nicolene Andries

That I am so sweet 🙂

Lethu Makhathini

Stay positive, not the end.

Charles Bezuidenhout

Be in the moment. Diabetes is hard! Appreciate CGM technology. Some days you have no control..

Juliet Mattheus

I have learnt no sugar no carbs is best option. No bread, no pastas etc. You won’t believe it…

Ray de Wee

It’s taught me that just because you avoid getting tested and aren’t officially diagnosed, doesn’t mean you aren’t diabetic. It’s a difficult condition, but at least we KNOW we have it and can start managing it – many others don’t. I’m one month into my diagnosis and grateful for this group, and the others I’ve found on Facebook. The advice and sense of community is invaluable – thank you 💙💙💙

Raylene Captain-Hasthibeer

To be grateful.

Maggie Rose Bez

Re-establish relationship with food… it can be a beautiful relationship. Advocating for your own health and learning and unlearning new behaviours.

Kemantha Govender

To love yourself, to take care of yourself, to eat healthy food, to exercise 🌹

Mikie Mongale

To be the best version of myself.

Katleho Iolom Moloi

It’s taught me that it’s normal to be moody and tired after 8 hours of normal sleep.

Psalm Psalm

Taking good care of yourself and stick to the treatment.

Nokuthula Thuli

That your life can dramatically change in a blink of an eye and after that your life will never be the same 😔

Juliana Henry Cilliers

Be cautious daily of my intake on food, drink, sweets etc.. drink water with lemon 🍋 every day, eat a lot of vegetables 🥦 and fruits 🍎

Sharon Fourie

Never ever underestimate what diabetes 💉💊 can do to your body with the complications it can cause if you do not take care of the management of it.

Riaan Naudé

What about you? What has diabetes taught you?

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