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Walking the Daisies: with diabetes

So here’s something I’ve never done before!

Tomorrow (Thursday) and Friday, I’m joining another 99 people to walk 60km to Rocking the Daisies, a music festival in Darling. I entered to be one of the ‘chosen ones’ doing the walk because I love walking (really, really love it) and because you get to walk through nature conservation areas and along the beach… And you get a free ticket to the festival! Win-win-win.

I also entered because I wanted to be able to report back to all of you what it’s like to do an endurance event (even if it’s a short one) with diabetes. We’ll be walking 30km each day, through some rough terrain and some smooth, stopping every few hours for snacks (nuts and fruit) and for lunch (cheese and tomato sandwiches and fruit) and then dinner (potjies and homemade bread, and fruit). It’s sponsored by Fruit and Veg City, can you guess?!

We’re camping overnight, and then walking another 30km the next day, with the same rest stops and lunch, and then two nights camping at the festival.

Here’s how I’ve prepared to do this walk with Type 1 diabetes. Along with the sunhat, sunscreen, sunglasses and water, I have two bags of sweets, in case my blood sugar goes low. I’ve also baked low GI blueberry muffins in case I get hungry in between, and I have my own dose of fruit to take along. I plan on taking very little insulin at meal times, as I’ll be doing so much exercise, and checking my blood sugar A LOT.

If you want to follow me on the trip, I’ll be on Twitter: @sweet_life_mag

Wish me luck!

– Bridget McNulty

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