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Type 2 diabetic looking for motivation

Hi all,

I was diagnosed 3 years ago with Type 2 diabetes (also known as diabetes 2), with a reading of 30, down to 24, 18, and for the following year managed to bring it down to between 6 and 7.

Because everything was cool I started slacking. 
Now for the last 2 years my levels have hovered around 12, lowest being 9.5 (once), and highest was 22 (party cakes and sweets).
 I take honey and xylitol as “sugar”, drink Sprite Zero, some fruit juices, TRY to stay away from fast-foods, but yeah, 10-13 on the sugar scale


I forgot to mention I am 49 years old, and when I remember to, I take Type 2 diabetes medication to control my sugar levels.

Any advice on how to keep my sugar levels lower?

– Sandor Oroszi

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  1. Collet Dunne Collet Dunne

    Dear Sandor

    Have you spoken with your Diabetic Specialist/Nurse about moving from Metformin only treatment to Insulin/Metformin treatment?

    It might very well be that your islet cells have come closer to the end of their life and is simply not able to produce the volume of insulin it has been producing under your Metformin regime.

    I think it would most definitely be worth speaking with your Diabetic Specialist/Nurse about the Insulin option.

    Good luck

  2. Kimberley Kimberley

    Dear Sandor,

    Drop the fruit juice and visit you diabetic nurse!! There are other oral medications that may be added to your regimen to help control your diabetes. Or, as Collet says there is always insulin. Set a goal to try get back in control. Check your HbA1c and try improve it by a certain percentage in three months.

    Good luck!

  3. Gary Gary

    Dear Sandor

    I have a new all natural herbal product we will be bringing to South Africa that may assist you with reduction in blood sugar levels and improved glucose tolerance amongst other benefits.

    If you would like more information, please contact me on


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