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The Type 1 diabetes toolkit: what you need to carry at all times

You’re off on an adventure! Your bag is packed, you’re ready to go – but wait! Do you have your diabetes toolkit? Here’s what you need for a fun day out.

Don’t forget these essentials

Your Type 1 diabetes toolkit

If you have Type 1 diabetes, you’ll need to take:

  1. Your insulin
  2. Your FreeStyle LibreLink app or FreeStyle Libre reader
  3. A juice box or sweets (in case you go low)
  4. Your phone (in case of emergencies)
  5. Pre-packed lunch or cash for food
  6. Water
  7. A back-up testing kit

What do you always pack in your diabetes toolkit?

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  1. Gail Gail

    Do you know if one is allowed to carry a epipen in cabin luggage or at least give it to a steward for safe keeping? Terrible experience with my son type 1 diabetes, flying safair. First aeroplane had to do a emergency landing in Port Elizabeth, the wait for another plane to fly from JHB long wait, eventually he landed near to 11pm in Capetown. Advice hugely appreciated.

    • Oh my goodness, how stressful! Yes, you’re definitely allowed flying with insulin pens and epipens. Usually for local travel you don’t get asked for a copy of your prescription, but you can always carry one with you just to be safe.

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