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The Freedom Swim

We were just sent info about the inspiring Freedom Swim next week. Read all about it below!

Meet Dr. Annabelle Slingerland:

She is visiting South Africa – Cape Town, to be exact. She is a keen swimmer. While she is here, connecting with medical friends, she is training to swim from Robben Island to the shores of Big Bay, and by doing so, she aims to help raise more awareness about Type 1 Diabetes.

She is swimming solo! On the 27th April from 9am till she reaches the shore around 12noon. It’s called the Freedom Swim. The Freedom analogy is strong… Many T1D’s may comfortably exercise external freedoms society offers but internally they may still be very imprisoned thinking they cannot achieve their dreams or goals due to diabetes. This is not the case. Does diabetes interfere somewhat with life? Sure, but it need not hold any person back from The Freedom to BE and contribute positively to our society.

We will support causes like this shining a spotlight on efforts to raise awareness about diabetes.

More details on how to get involved with The Freedom Swim will be posted next week.

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