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One mom’s mission: finding a solution to unhealthy lunchbox snacks

One mom is on a mission to find the solution to unhealthy lunchbox snacks, through her company – RUSH Nutrition. Their range of snack bars are ideal for kids who need a boost before sport, or as a healthy low snack. 

We chat to Lara Mare, a mom of three from Johannesburg who started the company 7 years ago, to find out more.

rush nutrition founder

What is RUSH Nutrition?

Rush Nutrition is a range of all-natural, free-from and proudly African whole food solutions designed to fuel health and adventure and an unwavering trust in nature and oneself. Practically, it’s a range of snack bars that are gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan. 

What made you decide to start RUSH Nutrition?

I’ve always had a passion for people and their health and wellbeing. When my son was born, i researched as much as I could to figure out how to raise him to be holistically healthy and well. I went on to study Child Psychology and Perinatal Health and Nutrition and came to realise the importance of nutrition in promoting holistic health and the wellbeing of families. 

We all know that in Africa we have a double burden of disease, with 65% of adult deaths attributable to chronic disease, together with 45% of children’s deaths attributable to malnutrition. Children in sub-Saharan Africa are 14 times more likely to die before the age of 5 than children in developed regions! I felt compelled to do something and support local farmers in the process (having grown up on a farm I know all too well the massive risk our farmers take to feed us). I also realised that agriprocessing is the industry with the largest jobs multiplier – I wanted to help provide jobs, especially for moms, to empower them and their children.

The ‘something’ I felt compelled to do provided the inspiration for RUSH Nutrition where our mantra as a business is to turn the tide on disease.

Proudly South African products

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to take time out and prepare food the way it should be (naturally). Many of us have forgotten the healing powers of food, so I set out to fashion proudly South African products whose superfood and botanical ingredients speak for themselves. What’s not in the product speaks even louder! All our snacks are dairy-free, sugar-free and vegan. The range is made by moms and inspired by nature.

Who is it aimed at?

Our range has something for athletes, people too busy to eat, pregnant and breastfeeding women and young children who need natural energy for their bodies and minds. With our recent Heart Foundation and Diabetes SA endorsements, we hope to support and serve people with diabetes more consciously.

What makes your products different?

At RUSH, we celebrate local South African superfoods and botanicals. Our company is female owned and founded and our products are vegan, free-from, Halaal and Kosher Certified and endorsed by Proudly South African, the Heart Foundation SA and Diabetes SA.

What problem do you think you solve for people with diabetes in SA?

We would like to make it easier and more convenient for people living with diabetes to eat foods they need not fear! My heart really goes out to children living with the condition who are shielded from so much of what other children get to enjoy. Our kiddies Flik Flak range is really tailored to them and making food fun again…

Find out more at and look out for our Diabetic South Africans competition!

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