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New ultra-rapid-acting insulin launches in SA this month!

We could not be more excited to share the news that in June 2022, for the first time ever, ultra-rapid-acting insulin is launching in South Africa. It’s about time! Here are just some of the changes we hope to see with this new insulin…

Flattening the rollercoaster

Having to inject 20 to 30 minutes before you eat is not only inconvenient but can be exhausting – particularly if it puts you on the rollercoaster of high to low blood glucose. If you don’t inject early enough and go high, then take a correction dose but miscalculate and go low, then overcorrect the low to go high… We’ve all been there. Being able to inject as you sit down to eat means one less thing to worry about.

Exercising more easily

Having to wait for insulin to kick in and food to digest before exercising can waste a lot of time. And having to wait half an hour to eat after exercising is just as frustrating. An insulin that starts working immediately will make it much easier to fit exercise into everyday life.

Adding more flexibility to working life

Whether you’re on an insulin pump or insulin injections, flexibility is one of the things that’s hardest to find when you’re living with Type 1 diabetes. Ideally, we would all eat at the same time (and the same thing!) every day to guarantee stable blood glucose – but in reality, that’s not possible. An insulin that fits into your life and lets you eat on the go (without paying for it later with high blood glucose) should be a game changer.

Making life easier for parents of Type 1 kids

Asking a child to wait 20 minutes between injecting and eating is a real challenge for many parents of kids with Type 1… Having an insulin that could be injected at the table, when it’s time to eat, will make life so much easier for parents – and their Type 1 kids.

One less thing to think about

I’ve saved the best for last…. Imagine having one less thing to think about, when it comes to diabetes? Being able to sit down for a meal and inject right then, without worrying that your blood glucose will spike? Not having to stress at dinner parties or restaurants? Being able to eat with your family without having to remember to inject 20 minutes before? Insulin timing is a real issue for many people with diabetes.

Type 1 diabetes throws so many challenges at us, but with the arrival of ultra-rapid-acting insulin, there’s one less thing we have to worry about. Being able to eat when you want to is something most people take for granted… Not those of us with Type 1 diabetes.

Ask your doctor about it at your next appointment – and let us know how it changes your life!

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