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How to unwind outdoors

Looking for inspiration beyond your front door? Claire Barnardo has some great ideas for enjoying the outside more.

  • Unwind in nature

Whether it’s rain or shine, heading outdoors can be inspiring. Try the beach, or climbing a mountain, walking through a forest or playing in a park. There’s no better way to relax than by being in nature.

  • Magical markets

Looking for a new way to do breakfast or lunch? Meet your friends at a market and indulge in something fresh, organic and delicious. While you’re there, you can shop for arts and crafts and stock up on your holiday gifts too.

  • Open air concerts

Another way to celebrate the outdoors is by booking to see a concert outside. Whether it’s musicians in the botanical gardens, a weekend festival, or a play in an amphitheatre, there are all kinds of musical treats to choose from.

  • Picnic perfection

Picnics are the best way to meet up with friends and family. Shake things up by changing the time of day – have a breakfast picnic or a sundowner picnic somewhere with a beautiful view. Keep the kids busy with games while you put your feet up and enjoy a holiday read. Don’t forget to pack healthy snacks!

  • Fruit picking

Want to spend the day on a farm? Plan a self-picking adventure and pick your own cherries, strawberries, figs, or peaches. This is a fantastic way to enjoy fresh air and seasonal fruit. Just be sure to check the weather beforehand!

  • Raise your glass

Why not make your own diabetic-friendly iced tea, lemonade, or ginger beer? You could also arrange a tea-tasting for friends in your garden, with a selection of flavoured teas in pretty cups. Or toast to life with sugar-free champagne!

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