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How Candy Tsamandebele manages Type 2 diabetes

Candy Tsamandabele diabetes

Candy Tsamandebele is a successful songwriter and actress with her fourth album, Still Here, set for release in April 2020. She’s also a Type 2 diabetic and speaks about living with diabetes to show others what is possible with the condition.

When and how were you diagnosed with diabetes?

August 2nd, 2011 was one of the most trying days of my life when I lost my son in a car accident. Six months later I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. I was running some errands at the local mall, minding my own business, when all of a sudden I just collapsed. They rushed me to a nearby hospital, and that’s when I was diagnosed.

How does diabetes affect your daily life?

 It has changed my life completely. My outlook on life and my overall lifestyle. For example, I can no longer just eat whatever I like whenever I like, my diet is strictly monitored and I drink water all the time. My performances on stage now also serve as my exercise routines.

What has diabetes taught you?

Firstly, to never take life for granted. Secondly, to never neglect your body to a point where you are eating and drinking and everything and anything. It’s not healthy.

What do you find the most difficult part of living with diabetes?

Having to control my stress levels and happiness levels. That’s a challenge.

Candy Tsamandabele Type 2 diabetes

What advice can you offer to other people with diabetes who are struggling?

It’s important to take your health seriously. You have to eat healthy foods in line with the prescribed healthy foods for diabetes patients and drink water.

What makes your life sweet?

That I manage to find happiness in any storm. No matter the situation, I know it’s not forever. And also that I will be releasing my fourth studio album on the 10th of April 2020 on digital music stores and streaming services nationwide.

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  1. crystal crystal

    thank you for your encouragement .. I myself is a type 2 diabetic and still struggling to cope with it , I was diagnosed about 4 years ago and it’s still a mission to eat healthy and take medication , even to be happy every day is a struggle .. now with covid19 I’m even more afraid but I will always try my best to stay safe and healthy.

    • That’s all we can do, Crystal – try our best! You’re not alone in this xxx

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