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Healthy Eating Portion Plate

Wondering what your plate should look like now that you have diabetes? Accu-Chek has provided this helpful healthy eating portion plate.

If you’re eating low carb, you can simply leave out the purple ‘Starch’ section of the plate.

healthy eating portion plate

Download the Healthy Eating Portion Plate PDF, with all kinds of helpful information on which vegetables, protein and starch to choose, below:

Healthy eating portion plate: Vegetables

For example:

Vegetables per meal:
Fill the top ½ of the plate (GREEN SECTION) with any of these non-starchy vegetables
Eat as many of these vegetables as you can hold in both hands

  • Vegetables are high in fibre, vitamins and minerals.
  • Non-starchy vegetables are very low in carbohydrates and do not affect your blood glucose levels significantly.
  • Include a variety of different coloured vegetables.
  • Use healthy preparation methods (and try to add only a little butter, cream, cheese sauce or oil).

Dark green vegetables: eat plenty of these!

  • Baby marrow, Broccoli, Cucumber, Gem squash, Green beans,
  • Leafy salad greens (including Romaine lettuce), Lettuce, Collards, Kale, Turnip greens, Green herbs (e.g. Parsley).
  • Red and Orange vegetables: Beetroot, Carrots, Pumpkin, Red peppers, Tomato
  • Fresh, frozen and canned vegetables can be used (prepared with herbs and a little salt).
  • Other vegetables: Cabbage, Cauliflower, Egg plant (brinjal), Mushrooms, Onions.