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Free ways to have fun with family

Need to make more time for your family this year? Why not do it in style and have some fun too? Claire Barnardo leads the way… 

4 Top tips:

  1. Time it
    One of the greatest gifts you can give your family and friends is your time. Simply add it to your schedule: an hour or two over the weekend to make memories together.
  1. Plan it
    Don’t leave finding a child-friendly, cost-effective play option till the last minute. Do your research and plan ahead of time so play time is actually spent playing!
  1. Price it
    There are lots of cheap and free ways to have fun. Using your creativity can turn a simple picnic into a magical adventure for the kids.
  1. Weather it
    Always check what’s in store weather-wise if you are heading outdoors for the day so you don’t get any nasty surprises.

Old school

Do you remember how much fun games were when you were young? They still are! All you need is your imagination and a few bits and pieces to make staying at home together an absolute treat. Try out these old favourites:

  1. Hide-and-seek
  2. Colouring-in
  3. Story-telling
  4. Play dough
  5. Tent building

Picnic perfect

If you’re in town, then look no further than these gems for a free and fun outing:

Green Point Park, Cape Town

If you haven’t already been, then you are missing out on one of the most fantastic parks in the country. It’s the perfect place for a good stroll, whether you’re pushing a pram or riding a bicycle. Or plan a family picnic and take along your own games – there’s plenty of space. There’s also an outdoor gym and play parks with top equipment, so all you need to do is get there and play time is yours!

  • At: Granger Bay Boulevard, Green Point

Emmarentia Dam, Joburg

If  you’re looking for the urban version of outdoor fun then head to Emmarentia Dam for the day. Right next to the Joburg Botanical Gardens, the dam is not only a dog’s best find for a walk and a swim, but also the perfect place for families to picnic, braai and relax. Or just sit and watch the windsurfers and canoeists on the water.

  • At: Olifants Road, Emmarentia

Durban Botanic Gardens, Durban

If you haven’t been to the Botanic Gardens for a while, you’re due a visit! The park has always been the perfect spot for a family picnic, with its lake full of ducks for the kids to feed and the orchid house for the older kids to explore. And as always, the tea garden is perfect for an afternoon cuppa or a toasted sarmie.

  • At John Zikhale (Sydenham) Road

Don’t forget to pack!

  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Snacks and juice
  • Books for the car ride
  • Change of clothing (you just never know!)
  • Camera: for those priceless moments
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