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Free Diabetes Food Guide: which foods to choose and how much to eat

“I’m diabetic. What food should I be eating?” is one of the most common questions we’re asked on Diabetic South Africans. That’s why we created this Diabetes Food Guide: a simple guide to which foods to choose, and how much to eat when you have diabetes.

diabetes food guide

Free Diabetes Food Guide

We created this free Diabetes Food Guide to help people with diabetes make healthier choices. Download your free copy (click on Download below) or read it online here.

Why we created this guide for diabetics

We want to help: we know how hard it can be to decide what – and how much – to eat when you have diabetes. We hope this book will help: it tells you which food to choose and how much of each food is healthy. It is for people with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.

Taking care of your diabetes is so important. The right diet can help you live a
normal, healthy life. Here’s what to choose for you and your family.

What you’ll find inside the Diabetes Food Guide:

Here are some pages from inside the guide, to show you what kind of information you’ll find. The idea is that it becomes a daily check for you to see which choices you should make when you’re eating breakfast, lunch and dinner.


» Don’t skip meals.
» Eat vegetables every day.
» Eat dry beans, split peas, lentils and soya regularly.
» Choose vegetable oils rather than hard fats.
» Don’t use too much salt or eat salty foods.
» Try to avoid sugar.
» Drink lots of clean, safe water every day.
» Be more active.

You’re not alone in this!
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  1. Ruwaida Ruwaida

    Hi I am newly diagnosed type 2 diabetic and I feel a little lost with all the research what to eat or not, I also have fybromialgia which makes it difficult for me to to know what to eat

  2. Bruce Bruce

    What are the recommended breakfast cereals for diabetics

    • Hi Bruce!
      The best options are high fibre choices like All Bran, WeetBix, Nutrific and Oats.

  3. […] A portion is how much of a food you eat: how much you serve yourself. It’s really important to understand portion sizes so that you can eat the right amount of each food. We created a free Diabetes Food Guide that tells you which food to choose and how much of each you can eat at each meal – take a look at it here, or download it for free. […]

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