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Does eating white rice lead to diabetes?

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How much white rice do you eat every week? You may want to re-think your choice.

Recent studies conducted in China and Japan are linking Type 2 diabetes to high white rice consumption. The research showed that people who ate large amounts of white rice were 55% more likely to develop Type 2 diabetes.

This was further analysed against studies conducted in Australia and America where white rice consumption is lower, but also contributes a link to Type 2 diabetes. As diet choices and exercise are vital in managing Type 2 diabetes, the consumption of white rice is relevant.

So how much white rice do you usually eat? Remember that white rice is notoriously refined, and high GI. A better and healthier choice would be to switch to brown rice which has more fibre in it and is also a low GI option.

Find out more about the study here.

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  1. Kerissa Naidu Kerissa Naidu

    Since finding out that I have Type 2 diabetes I have swapped to brown rice. Its not as tasty but if you cook it long enough, its actually not too bad. I have about 1 cup of uncooked brown rice a week. Once cooked, there’s enough to last a week for one person.

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