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It’s time to talk about insulin

let's talk about insulin

Let’s talk about insulin: a video series

What kind of insulin do you use? How does it affect your life? How could better insulin make your life better? And why does the right basal insulin matter? Let’s talk about insulin.

These are all the questions we’ll be asking in this insulin video series. We want to start the conversation about why the right basal insulins are important – and how to get better insulins into state care.

Let’s talk about insulin with Dr. Sundeep Ruder

Our first guest is endocrinologist Dr. Sundeep Ruder. We discuss why it’s so important to have the right insulin for better quality of life – and what that means for us, as people living with diabetes. Take a look and see what you think!

Let’s talk about insulin with Kirsten De Klerk

Our second episode is all about living with Type 1 diabetes – and how the right basal insulin can make such a difference to your quality of life. We speak to diabetes advocate Kirsten De Klerk about her dramatic journey with diabetes. Watch our conversation below!

Let’s talk about insulin with Cameron Hendricks

What is life like for parents of kids with diabetes? We asked Cameron Hendricks, the mom of a Type 1 toddler, to tell us how finding the right insulin made life a little bit easier.

Let’s talk about insulin with Prof. Joel Dave

What are the different types of insulin? We know about the different kinds: short-acting, long-acting, and ultra long-acting, but what are the types? We asked endocrinologist Prof. Joel Dave to explain to us.

Let’s talk about insulin with Delouise Groenewald

If you’re the parent of a child (or two children!) with Type 1 diabetes, how does the right insulin make your life easier? We asked Delouise Groenewald from Kids Powered by Insulin to explain it to us.

Let’s talk about insulin with Sane Mazibuko

How has diabetes management – and insulin! – changed in the last 25 years? We speak to Sane Mazibuko, who has been living with Type 1 diabetes for the last 25 years, to get the answers.

Feel free to ask us any questions you have about insulin in the comments below – let’s talk…

As always, you can join our community of Diabetic South Africans on Facebook to connect. Thanks for joining us today!


  1. Kajil Kajil

    Interesting but what about juvenile diabetes.My daughter was diagnosed a year ago.Everyday is a challenge

  2. Azad kadri Azad kadri

    Really informative and educational…I’ve been a type 1 for over 55yrs used animal derived insulins human insulins and now finally I’m using the modern type insulins which has transformed my more severe hypos and the dreaded diabetic comas..the docs right a huge improvement compared to where we were a few years ago.i use novorapid 3 times a day approximately 21 units per injection and 44 units of humalog or Levimir or optisulin twice daily split into 2 doses of 22 units each…incredible control hba1c of 5.4.incidentally I split my basal dose without consulting my doctor..regards keep up the good work.

    • How amazing, Azad! Keep up the great work!!
      Thank you for your kind words.

  3. Mohamed Mohamed

    This is a very high level or macro view with a philosophy of why better insulin works more effectively & efficiently…Which is a great introduction.
    I think its imperative to gain granular insights into what Insulins are considered the ‘better insulin’. There’s inevitably a disparity of cost implications that needs to be considered as well.
    Maybe a discussion for part 2

    Thank you for having this forum

    • Great insights, thanks Mohamed! It’s a 6 part series, so we’ll definitely be getting into the granular details (although we’re not allowed mentioning brand names, unfortunately!)

  4. Deidre Deidre

    I enjoy listening and learning from your talks.

  5. Awesome chat ladies, love the fact that you are getting the different types of insulin available out there!

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