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Diabetes symptoms: fuzzy head?

Read your article in the Times today with interest. What caught my eye was the mention you made in the article to the “fuzzy head”.

I am type 2, diagnosed about 12 years ago, got it under control with tablets and exercise, dropped the tablets because they were pushing me too low, then dropped the exercise as well. The result, 10 years later, wham, a stroke. Not clever. I have found that there is a lack of information everywhere, starting with some GP’s as well. Anyway, could get sidetracked on that quite easily, so back to the “fuzzy head”. What information do you have about that?

Whilst on medication, after the stroke, I used to feel like the shutters had closed halfway through the day, and that was it for the day – could not focus on anything after that. I think that was again a GP issue again, not spreading my medication out through the day. (Medication including blood glucose, blood pressure, cholesterol)

Your article is the only place I have heard of anyone mentioning an experience similar to what I felt, except yours I assume was before you were on medication.

Good luck with your magazine. There is definitely a lack of information available to diabetics and their families in this country.

– Stuart Gibson

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