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Diabetes swear words in South Africa

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A few years ago, just after I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, I remember reading a big discussion on an American diabetes site about whether or not it was insulting to be called a diabetic. People said that they didn’t want to be so closely tied to their condition that they called themselves a diabetic, they felt who they were was far more than their condition and would rather be known as a person with diabetes. At the time I didn’t think much of it, I’ve never really minded what people call me. But now the debate has come to South Africa, and these are a couple of the words that Diabetes SA considers ‘swear words’. What do you think?

‘She is a diabetic’ is out.
‘She is living with diabetes’ or ‘she has diabetes’ is in.

‘The diabetic diet’ is out.
‘Healthy eating’ (just like the rest of the family should be) is in.

‘Exercise’ is out (people’s eyes glaze over when they hear this)
‘Be active’ is in.

So what do you think?

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