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Diabetes Awareness Wellness Day: Athlone

What are you doing on Saturday 3rd November? Why not join WoW (WesternCape on Wellness) in Athlone for a fun and informative Diabetes Awareness Day?

It’s a free event, with a family walk and various events throughout the day… See below from Joan Leukus of the Athlone Lions Club, one of the organisers.

Why is a Diabetes Awareness Day necessary?


This is indeed very humbling to talk about this event that is aimed at raising awareness about diabetes which is reaching epidemic proportions in adults and children. Gaining and retaining a state of wellness is also a very essential aspect of good living.

As a recently diagnosed diabetic, l have made the conscious choice to embark on this diabetes and wellness journey on Saturday 3rd November at Nantes Park in the midst of The Silvertown – Bridgetown residential area.

The focus is on:

  • Experiential learning, listening, experiencing – questioning – tasting, and most importantly, thinking about changes of attitude and action.
  • Making good, healthy, informed changes, for daily living that will improve your shopping list; your medical bills; your confidence levels; heart health, as well as your state of mind.
  • The outcome of all of this will be a healthier happier you, with more positive goals in mind.

Activities on the day


Throughout this planning, my hope was to engage and bring onboard people with experience and enthusiasm to make this event a lively, interactive learning hub of activities for young and old.

  • Laughter is so therapeutic. There will be lots of that in between the seriousness of screening and testing for blood sugar; blood pressure and BMl. It’s important to know your numbers.
  • Follow up services for support will also be provided by our local clinic and day hospital as well as our local pharmicist Abdullah Khan, owner of Athlone Pharmacy, also the founder and sponsor of Diabetic 101 who spearheads regular educational programmes and walking events to support diabetics and their families.
  • I’m so privileged to be flanked by two superfit hunks: Bradley and Nathan. Bradley Bailey is a WoW! Champion and founder of Perfect Fit 360. Nathan brings the roof down daily as he takes the teams through their paces.
  • They will set the tone of the day, amidst healthy foods and various diabetic friendly items on sale. With many kids activities and storytelling.
  • Virgin Active will ensure we keep up the pace with mini fit challenges.
  • These all follow after a focussed guest speaker broadens our horizons about diabetes. Our overall experience will increase our understanding about wellness on many levels. We are fortunate to have a health official that brings us this important message. I trust that it will boost our level of self-care.
  • Pampering sessions will be available at a small fee.
  • We will also have nutrition, loads of raffles, games and news about community support groups as well as news about the Athlone Lions Club.

Our programme will roll out in the vicinity of the arena and is best accessible via the main gate, in Appledene Road, where our local neighbourhood watch will be in attendance. The event will be supported by a variety of health promoting ideas for education and improved networking.


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