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Diabetes and feet: a video

We know that diabetes and feet is one of the things people with diabetes have a lot of questions about. That’s why we asked podiatrist Vuyisile Nkalane to join us for one of our Sweet Life Talks and answer all your questions about diabetes and feet. We were surprised how many Diabetic South Africans had questions to ask her!

questions about diabetes and feet

Questions about diabetes and feet

So what were those questions? We’ve copied them below – they are largely about the effects of diabetic neuropathy (also known as peripheral neuropathy). Vuyisile’s most important advice when it comes to questions about diabetes and feet?

Do your best to control your blood sugar, and don’t forget to exercise.

Vuyisile Nkalane, podiatrist
  1. “What can you do if you have diabetic neuropathy? Is it possible to heal it? How can you treat it?” Debbie
  2. “My feet always have this pin and needles pain and they become dry, what could it be? Florence
  3. “My feet from late afternoon are very hot and painful. If they get really bad I soak them in ice water. Hope I’m doing the right thing?” Sandra
  4. “It hurts as if am walking in hot coal… its burning and its painful” EyaMajwarha
  5. Extreme temperatures of feet – burning hot or constantly cold. Any tips?
  6. Numbness: “I have very sore feet. The cushions are also sore and sometimes get the numb feeling and in my big toes. The numbness is also in my left leg above my ankle.” Lorraine
  7. “Why do I sometimes not feel my toes?” Khomafive
  8. “My feet are itching in the evenings, why and what can I do?” Lebo
  9. “What causes cracked heels?” Sharon
  10. General footcare tips for diabetics?

Sweet Life Talks: Vuyisile Nkalane

Watch podiatrist Vuyisile Nkalane interviewed by Sweet Life’s Bridget McNulty here.

If you’re struggling with diabetes and your feet, please know that you’re not alone. Join us on Diabetic South Africans to talk about it.

Photo by Dhruv on Unsplash

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