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Diabetes and diet: a video

“What do I eat now that I have diabetes?” is probably the first question anyone who is newly diagnosed asks. Diabetes and diet is a big question. It doesn’t help that the answer varies depending on the type of diabetes, your age, weight, what you like eating and what you can afford. We’ve written a lot about diabetes and diet, but we wanted to ask your questions directly to a dietician. That’s why we invited Donna Van Zyl to be part of our Sweet Life Talks series.

diabetes and diet

Diabetes and diet questions

We gathered your questions from our Diabetic South Africans page – watch the video below to see Donna’s helpful answers.

  1. “What can I eat for breakfast?” Phumzile
  2. “I can’t stop eating coffee and chips, what can I do?” Sheron
  3. “Why does coffee raise my blood sugar? I can’t give it up!” Michael
  4. “How can I lose weight in a healthy way? Why is it so hard?” Rehana and Charmaine and Marlene?
  5. “Why do the same type of food have different effects on my blood sugar?” Llewellyn
  6. “Does low carb work for all diabetics?”
  7. “Can you give a brief demo of how carb counting works, with a few examples?”

Sweet Life Talks: Donna Van Zyl

Watch dietician Donna Van Zyl interviewed by Sweet Life’s Bridget McNulty here.

If you’re struggling with diabetes and diet issues, please know that you’re not alone. Join us on Diabetic South Africans to talk about it.

Photo by Tijana Drndarski on Unsplash

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