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Diabetes Advocacy training – you’re invited!

SA Diabetes Advocacy has recently launched a 4 week Diabetes Advocacy Training course. It’s entirely online and totally free, and they want to empower as many diabetes advocates as they can. We asked them to explain more about the course…

What is the purpose of this diabetes advocacy training?

To empower people living with diabetes, and people caring for those with diabetes, to create meaningful change in South Africa. We want to give you all the tools and knowledge and strategy to make a difference in the lives of those with diabetes.

We’ve specifically designed it to be super helpful, interactive and not overwhelming. We know how much you have going on in your lives already! This will be (dare we say it?) fun.

You can find out more here.

“The advocacy training programme has expanded my knowledge in two ways; firstly my understanding of the challenges of those living with diabetes and secondly how I am able to extend the message of awareness.”


What this course is – and is not

While we share some really helpful articles and links to find out more information, this is not a diabetes education course. We’ll show you where to get educated if that’s what you want to do, but our focus here is on advocacy. We want to give you the tools you need to speak up for people about diabetes.

While some of the information might seem obvious, we want to ensure we are all on the same page, to prevent confusion.

“As a South African Type 1 Diabetic I found the Diabetes Advocacy course to be truly inspirational especially since Diabetes education is exactly what we need in our country.”


“The diabetes advocacy course was a great introduction into the world of advocacy and areas where we need to be more active as activists within the South African diabetes community. It was also a great platform to meet like-minded individuals”.


Talk to me about the weekly Zoom sessions?

Each week, we all gather together to talk about the topic of the week for 1 hour. It’s a chance for each person to share their opinions, ideas, thoughts and suggestions with like-minded people – and know that you will be heard. It’s also a chance to form connections with your fellow advocates, and see how you might want to collaborate.

We have purposefully kept the class small so that every person will have a chance to share their thoughts each week on Zoom.

“For me the diabetes advocacy training opened my mind to being more strategic in my approach to getting my (our) voices heard as people living with diabetes. When I initially started my advocacy it was very selfish and what I envisioned a better journey would look like. Once I did the training I was open to strategic and targeted approaches to get a message across.”


What you will get on completion of this course

  • Access to a collaborative WhatsApp Diabetes Advocacy community.
  • Certificate of completion to share on LinkedIn.
  • SA Diabetes Advocate badge to share on social media.
  • A Digital Toolkit to use in your campaigns.
  • All the skills and knowledge you need to make a change.

“Thank you. I really enjoyed the Diabetes Advocacy course and found it very informative and enjoyed meeting new Diafam.”


Before we dive in, a quick note on the word ‘advocacy’

We are not talking about picketing and striking and aggression. We’re talking about meaningful engagement with the people who can make decisions about the rights of people with diabetes.

We support a positive, collaborative approach to advocacy. Find out more about the course here.

“I had been dragging my heels for months, knowing that I wanted to get involved in Diabetes advocacy in some way, but not knowing how or where I could offer value. I was full of passion, yet had no idea how to move forward with this in an effective manner.

The 4-week SA Diabetes Advocacy course not only helped to identify the key areas where advocacy was needed in South Africa, but it also helped to shape and refine a workable plan, as well as to motivate me to see the dire need in our nation. I made invaluable connections with other key advocates, and look forward to practically putting a plan into action.

The hour-long sessions were not superfluous nor exhausting, as some courses can be, yet were short, concise, and to the point. The conversations were engaging and relevant, and I look forward to implementing the valuable strategies and ideas that were put forward.


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Diabetes Advocacy training – you’re invited: SA Diabetes Advocacy has recently launched a 4 week Diabetes Advocacy Training course. It’s entirely online and totally free, and they want to empower as many diabetes advocates as they can.

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Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash.

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