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Diabetes advocacy: #cgm4all

Bete It is a South African organisation for Type 1 diabetics, by Type 1 diabetics. They’ve just launched their #cgm4all campaign – please read below and join in! Diabetes advocacy is something we’re passionate about at Sweet Life: our FreeStyle Libre petition last year linked directly to this issue. It’s only when we join our voices together as people with diabetes in South Africa that we can create real change.

Are you a South African Type 1 diabetic or a Type 1 supporter? πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦β €
β €
We need your help πŸ™πŸ» β €
β €
From May to August, the medical aid schemes in South Africa will be busy writing up their 2021 Chronic Medical Aid Benefits List. β €
β €
We want to see Continuous Glucose Monitors on that list! β €
β €
If you use a Dexcom, Medtronic or FreeStyle Libre sensor or if you are currently finger pricking and would like to go onto a CGM, please send us a video of no longer than 1 minute or a photo with a caption on how a CGM has or could change your life. β €
β €
If you are a diabetic supporter and have seen the effect a CGM has had on your friend or family member, please send us a video of no longer than 1 minute or a photo with your friend/family member and a caption on how a CGM has or could change their life. β €
β €
Please send through your videos and pictures to us by Thursday, 28 May 2020. β €
β €
Let’s work together as Type 1 advocates and supporters to make this life changing technology affordable and accessible to South African diabetics πŸ’™


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