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Vitamins for diabetic kids?

From our Facebook page (Diabetic South Africans):

My 9 year old son is getting mouth ulcers every so often. Any recommendations for multivitamins for Type 1 diabetics?
– Wayne

I believe in the power of the multivitamin. As a Type 1 diabetic myself, I have a daily multivitamin that I take religiously – I’m not sure that I can feel the difference if I skip one day, but if I skip a week I definitely feel more tired and have less energy.

But when it comes to kids, convincing them to pop a pill every day (on top of all those injections!) is no easy task. That’s why I was delighted to discover Symbio-D Junior (pictured below, on my colourful desk). These chewable tablets have been created specifically for children from 4 to 12 years old. As well as a wide range of essential multivitamins, they help maintain healthy gut flora (with no less than 1 billion colony forming units!), support a healthy immune system (vital for diabetics) and promote general health and wellbeing. Best of all? They’re free from sugar, artificial flavours, colourants, gluten, lactose and preservatives – so you’re getting all the good stuff without any of the bad stuff!

The pack of thirty comes in individual sachets, so they’re easy to pop into your child’s lunch box to be chewed after lunch – or to leave on the table next to their breakfast so they can have it first thing. Scientifically designed by a leading endocrinologist, you can rest easy knowing that at least this part of diabetes is easy to control… Unlike so many other aspects!

Happily, they’re also rather delicious – easily chewable with a refreshingly subtle blackberry flavour, and they don’t have that aftertaste that so many pill vitamins have. What does that mean? No more endless, “Did you take your vitamins?” questions. Symbio-D Junior is a fuss-free alternative to regular multivitamins for kids.

And maybe adults, if I have my way…

– Bridget, Sweet Life Editor.

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  1. Hey Bridget

    Just out of interest, what is your preferred Multivitamin that you take?


  2. Hi Taryn!
    I haven’t yet settled on one multivitamin brand – I was actually just chatting to my dietician about it. I’ve been taking a general ‘women’ multivitamin, but I think I should be getting more specific… Do you take a diabetic multivitamin?

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