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Type 1 diabetes survival guide for children

If your child has Type 1 diabetes, you have your hands full. We have all kinds of articles about diabetes and children, particularly kids and diabetes at school, and how to deal with the family side of Type 1 diabetes. But we’ve just discovered this Type 1 diabetes survival guide for children and had to share it – it’s so helpful!

type 1 diabetes survival guide

You can download a PDF of this guide below – simply click on ‘Download’:

You can also read it online here:

Expert advice

What’s so great about this Type 1 diabetes survival guide is that it’s written by an endocrinologist (diabetes specialist) – Prof. David Segal – but it’s in easy-to-understand language. You’ll find all the basics of what diabetes is, food and diabetes (including carbohydrate counting), blood glucose testing, insulin injections, hypos and hypers (low and high blood sugar) and sick days. They even offer letters to give to teachers.

Parents of kids with Type 1 diabetes

Remember that you’re not alone in this: join Diabetic South Africans to meet other people living well with diabetes, and Kids Powered by Insulin (a private group on Facebook) to specifically meet parents of kids with Type 1 diabetes. You are not alone.

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