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LibreCoach: free diabetes support for FreeStyle Libre users

From the beginning of May 2022, all FreeStyle Libre users in South Africa get *free* diabetes support with LibreCoach. We are so excited about this new benefit, offered by Abbott in partnership with Guidepost, and we want to share all the details with you.

Get started with Data Check

The first and most important step for anyone using a FreeStyle Libre in South Africa is to sign up for LibreCoach (details below!) and get started on Data Check. What this means is a daily check of your LibreView results by a trained diabetes coach who will reach out to you if any of your results cause concern.

This diabetes support means you always have someone on your team, looking out for you. The next step is diabetes coaching.

What is diabetes coaching?

what is librecoach diabetes coaching

“Diabetes coaching empowers you with the tools you need to manage your diabetes.”

Kate Bristow, Diabetes Coach

When is diabetes coaching?

when does librecoach happen

“Diabetes coaching happens in your own time, at your own pace.”

Lufuno Tshikombedse, Diabetes Coach

How do you sign up for LibreCoach?

how to sign up for librecoach
How to sign up for LibreCoach

“It’s as easy as pointing your phone’s camera at this QR code, phoning or sending a WhatsApp to 087 350 2964, or emailing

Bridget McNulty

Why should you sign up for LibreCoach?

why should you sign up for librecoach

“The whole idea of Type 1 diabetes is for your doctor to help you to help yourself. This coaching will help you to help yourself.”

Dr. Landi Lombard
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