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Just out of hospital…

Hello all you diabetics!

Firstly, I was diagnosed with Type-1 at the age of 4. I recently turned 31, so 27 years of insulin dependency and a happy, healthy life in general.

On 25 January ’14 I was rushed to hospital and diagnosed with DKA – I was in hospital for a total of 22 nights. I also contracted a fungal infection whilst in hospital then also had internal bleeding from my oesophagus because of this infection…. I know, super dramatic stuff!

My question is this: Has anyone else experienced the emotional instability after being released from hospital? Is this a diabetic thing or just my own mental problems…?

I’m crying for the most ridiculous things… Yesterday the laundromat advised me they couldn’t dry my clothes and I burst out crying. Its just not me – I didn’t even need the clothes :-)

What can I do?

Please help!


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  1. For diabetes patients, I highly recommend that need pay more attention to what we eat. We should remember not to eat food with much calorie. To eat healthy food is really helpful to cure the diabtes.

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