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Husband just diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes

Good day

Two weeks ago we just found out that my husband has diabetes Type 1. To be honest we were both in shock, especially when we read more about it, we knew it it a very serious disease. I think we are trying to accept and live with it positively but we are still scared and not sure what will happen as time goes.

We are reading more about it, because we need to know everything about it. It is not easy, especially if you don’t talk and think everything to yourself. The thing is we can’t just talk to anyone because most of people still do not understand out there. So we thought maybe joining Sweet life might help us heal and live positively again.

Thank you
– Nthabiseng

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  1. Dearest Nthabiseng
    We can definitely help you and your husband, but we need to know more about your circumstances. Can you help us in answering the following:
    * where you live
    * your husband’s age
    * have you consulted with a diabetes educator and/or dietitian
    * is your husband well and working
    * ask pertinent questions on what you need to know, because diabetes is a very wide topic
    Keep in contact

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