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How do you stay positive about diabetes?

That’s the question we asked our Facebook community (on Diabetic South Africans).

Here’s what they said:

My husband was not even 18 years of age when he developed diabetes, it was hard at the beginning and it took him many years to accept it. There is nothing you can do about it but accept your situation. I know it is hard but the sooner you do it the sooner you can look forward to a normal healthy life. You can live a life just as any normal person the only thing is that you take insulin to help you where normal people don’t. People do accept you as you are do not hide it. All your friends will be your support system if they know what to do. Thousands of people have the same problem. Just take care of yourself and live healthy.
– Marah Van Wyk Oosthuizen

Have a good support system. Family and friends as well as a good team of medical practitioners to help you through it!
– Gina Maria Das Neves

Take it one day at a time…
– Stephen Styles

I think I am like Stephen to be honest but I get so down with having diabetes. Just wish it would go away, but the reality is it won’t. It’s hard going… well such is life I suppose but glad to see that am not the only one having to live with it, and it’s good to get the advice on how others cope with having the hypos.
– Pauline Nibbs

Living with diabetes is hectic, I have no idea how people say it is like living a normal life. I have had it for 15 years I am now 25, I try to be as positive as possible, I try to be strong in other people’s eyes but it is difficult. There is nothing I tell myself I can’t do but at the end it is a lie…….
– Ranisha Bridgmohan

My man is ‘n diabeet vir meer as 30 jaar. In die begin het dit swaar gegaan, maar het geleer om daarmee saam te leef. “It is not a death sentence.” As jy na jouself omsien en doen wat jy moet doen kan jy langer leef as die wat gesond is en dink hulle kan eet en drink soos hulle wil en gouer doodgaan as die wat diabete is. Hoe gouer jy leer om daarmee saam te leef en te aanvaar hoe gouer kan jy ook die lewe geniet wat die lewe jou bied solank jy net die gesonde leefstyl kies.
– Marah Van Wyk Oosthuizen

Nie altyd maklik nie – my kleinseun is nou 21 maande en is gedaignoseer op 7 maande – sy mamma kyk so mooi na hom…
– Ann Cawood

How do you stay positive about diabetes?

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  1. Angela Bowie Angela Bowie


    I just want to say thanks for this Website and Magazine.
    I have been a type 1 for 7 years, I am 28 now and still find days that I am hard on myself or get down.

    Since reading other people’s stories I feel a bit better that most diabetics have these days.
    I have never actually met another type 1 diabetic and all I ever get are horror stories from people that have lost feet or died in comas. My first year I was in and out of hospitals a lot but that was cause between my lack of knowledge as well as the doctors lack of knowledge I was over medicating.

    But I can honestly say I take as best care of myself as I can and I think ALL people have down days not just diabetics we just feel frustrated with being controlled by medication and food. All in all I am a happy person and My Mom has been a really great support system for me!

  2. Belinda Naidoo Belinda Naidoo


    I am an early onset type 2 diabetic and have been diabetic for 15 years. I was quite shocked initially and was in denial for some time as I was 25 when I was diagnosed and was just getting started with my career.

    Taking the meds, testing regularly, exercise, eating healthily and having a good team at home and medically are the basics that have kept me sane. I go to the Centre for Diabetes in Houghton and get excellent advice and help there.

    I have had a healthy baby (now 7 years old) through diligent planning pre-pregnancy and during pregnancy with the help of my Gynae/OB. I lead a pretty normal life – am a Mum and wife and my career has not been hindered. I pack healthy lunches every day for my family and myself….their friends comment on their lunch bags resembling a picnic….but it is all good stuff. Planning is key.

    Diabetes just forces you to lead a healthier life….whereas others may get away with eating junk food and not exercising, diabetics just cannot afford to abuse their bodies in that way.

    • This is so inspiring, thank you Belinda! Do you mind if I post it as a blog post so that everybody can see it?
      Congrats on not letting diabetes get you down 🙂

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