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How can I get motivated to lose weight?

We all know how hard it is to lose weight… And how hard it is to get motivated to lose weight! Here are some ideas from our community – and some fun rewards to help you.

“I really struggle to get myself motivated to lose weight, how can I start? How can I get more active without feeling less motivated afterwards?”

Tilia, Sweet Life Diabetes Community member

How to get motivated to lose weight

The trick is to find a reason. It’s easy to set your goal as “I’m going to diet” but the only way to motivate yourself is the “why”. If you can find that, then you’ll have your motivation. My attitude towards diabetic health is my motivator – I want to be fit and healthy to one day walk my daughters down the aisle. And to avoid the complications my diabetic brother has suffered as a result of a lack of motivation. Good luck!

Michael Marnewick

I bought my son and I cheap fitness watches. And because I want us to hit our daily steps, we exercise. I also share what I have done to my Facebook page and WhatsApp status and people encourage us. I joined Parkrun which is free and we go every Saturday and join them. It’s awesome. We get out in the fresh air and meet new people. We love it!

Kerry Mackenzie

I lost 15kg doing a low carbohydrate diet. I’m a Type 2 diabetic, have reversed sugar levels, blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Belinda Bester

Get someone to motivate you or train with you.

Lusindy Christa Dudik

Change your lifestyle. Get exercise. Lots of water. No alcohol and sugary drinks/foods. Your medication, fresh foods and veggies and exercise is the key,

Marah Oosthuizen

Threatening diabetic complications are my main motivators and low carbohydrate diet, water and fasting are my weapons to fight it. Avoid snacking as much as you can.

Jonathan Rodgers

Put gym clothes and running shoes next to your bed when you got to sleep. They’ll be the first thing you see. And write down your goal. Putting things down in black and white helps.

Paul Anne

Losing weight can be very difficult at first but most important is staying disciplined. Cut off sugary foods, junk and takeouts for a start. Do a 30min workout at home and a 30min walk every evening. Saturday and Sunday can be your spoil days to have what you want 😊
Hope this works for you! Motivation must start from within yourself. If you still need some more, go ahead try getting a partner to join you where you can push each other until you come down to your desired size.

Rose Chetty

Just drink a lot of water.

Kealeboga Banyana

Avoid snacks. Learn about the different food groups and how to combine them. Structure your meals. Exercise.

Marsha Jane Ferguson

Setting SMART goals

Once you’re motivated to lose weight, then what? You can set yourself a SMART goal. By defining your goals using SMART, you can break down exactly what you’d like to accomplish, when you’d like to accomplish it and how you plan on doing it. Here is all you need to know about SMART goals.

Rewarding yourself

Once your SMART goals are set and you are motivated to lose weight, it is time to reward yourself . Whether a reward looks like going for a run or taking a long bath, make time to treat yourself.

Here are some examples of fun rewards that won’t spike your blood glucose.

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