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Diabetic-friendly energy drinks?

Are you a sportsperson with diabetes? Do you have any advice to share with Mike about diabetic-friendly energy drinks?

Good day,

I am a Type 2 diabetic who enjoys cycling. I’m looking for advice on energy drinks or sports drinks etc that are diabetic-friendly – is there such a think as diabetic-friendly energy drinks?

Just drinking water doesn’t help when the energy dips…

Thank you!

– Mike

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  1. Kirsten Kirsten

    Hi Mike

    Not sure if its the best for exercising but my go-to is Sugar Free Redbull on nights out, it works like a charm and has no side effects on my sugar levels.

  2. Naeem Sonpra Naeem Sonpra

    Hi Mike

    I have been using 32Gi Endure for long rides. 32Gi Race in one bottle and the 32Gi Endure in the other bottle on race day.

    The information below is from 32Gi.

    32Gi’s endure range is far more suited to a person suffering from diabetes due to the fact that it doesn’t raise blood sugar significantly. We have done testing on a large range of people who suffer from diabetes and the feedback is extremely positive. Each person can have different symptoms so always test the product properly to see what works best for you. If you are not sure then contact our

    Give it a try and Happy Cycling!!

  3. Melissa Melissa

    Hi Mike. I’m a Type 1 who loves mountain biking. My go to energy booster is High5 Sportd Nutrition Zero. Zero sugar and zero caleries. Full of vitamins.

  4. Charlene Cruickshank Charlene Cruickshank

    I use High5 Sports nutrition, zero extreme – disolved in my water on long trail runs. No sugar or calories but caffeine for the xtra boost.

  5. Patrick J Mkhwanazi Patrick J Mkhwanazi

    Hi, just wanted to find out if it’s possible to reverse diabetes? Is there something like that really?

    • Hi Patrick!
      It depends what kind of diabetes you have, and when you are diagnosed. If you catch Type 2 diabetes early enough, it’s possible to reverse it with lifestyle changes – a healthy diet and exercise. If it’s more advanced, you will probably need medication (insulin tablets or injections) but there is hope. Type 1 diabetes cannot be reversed. Hope that helps?

  6. Morena Morena

    I have a type 2 diabetes and my sugar levels have recently (5 to 6 months) been 4,5 to 5 and my doctor suggested that i stop taking tablets.

    Can a doctor advice a pertiant to stop with the medication if it always reads those leves?

    • Hi Morena!
      First of all, congratulations on getting your blood sugar to such great levels. Have you made big changes to your diet or lifestyle? Lost weight, exercised more? I ask because it is possible to reverse Type 2 diabetes if you make the right lifestyle changes and have been diagnosed early enough. That’s probably what’s happened, which is why your doctor has recommended going off meds. You can always ask for a second opinion though (I’m not a medical professional!)

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