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Ask Keke: diabetes advice

Ask Keke

Today we’re joined here on Sweet Life by Keketso Semoko, known to millions as Isidingo’s Ma Agnes, in her new and very important role – as a Changing Diabetes® Ambassador. We asked her some of the Sweet Life community questions, and got her to answer them just for you. Have a question for Keke? Email us now!
Novo Nordisk are the team behind the Changing Diabetes® Ambassadors. Here’s what they have to say: Keketso, who is diagnosed with diabetes herself, has first-hand experience of what it means to be living with the condition, she has been living with Diabetes for the past 7 years and wants to play an active role in addressing the growing diabetes epidemic in South Africa. She is on a mission to raise awareness about how a healthy lifestyle can be used to manage or even prevent it.

Working in the Television industry can be demanding with long hours. What do you eat and how do you ensure that you can take breaks in order to eat and control your sugar levels? Especially grab and go meals? – Elrica Mullane

Hi Elrica.
Thank you for your question. The secret to staying true to your healthy lifestyle is to plan ahead. Work is getting so hectic now because we are preparing for the festive season so my schedule is full of long studio days – I mean a 12 hour shift that requires being on my feet all day long. My day starts at 5am and most of the days, ends at 10.30 pm. Besides the Isidingo work, It means I have other engagements and trying to solicit other freelance work for 2013.

During these long studio days, I hardly go for breakfast. I always bring my own bran from home and stay in my changing room and have that, followed by a fruit at mid morning. I turn to focus on preserving my energy for the long day ahead.

The other day, we were only shooting the Christmas day episode, which means that we are behind the delivery schedule. It was lots of children and many background actors (extras). Lots of food was presented but I shy away as it could be the wrong cheese or non low-GI food. I always pack my own food and I stick to my plan.
– Keketso Semoko

As a Diabetic, how strict should one be when it comes to eating sweet things i.e. chocolate, biscuits etc? Of late I have had a very strong craving and have fallen off the wagon. I know I shouldn’t but I can’t help it.
– Tracy Moyo

I first had to learn to say no, then learn to find replacements, then discovered that there are chocolates with no sugar and cookies for diabetics (which you need to add into your daily allowance).  I, however would suggest that you contact a dietician who can assist you with your eating plan.
Good luck!
Best wishes
– Keketso Semoko

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