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Would you like your images to be used in the Global T1D Index?

Do you wish that images of people with Type 1 diabetes more closely represented you? Would you like to change that? Read on!

JDRF are leading the fight against type 1 diabetes (T1D) by funding research, advocating for policies that accelerate access to new therapies, and providing a support network for millions of people around the world impacted by T1D.

The JDRF team is building a photo library to be used around the public launch of the T1D Index. Their objective is to capture the impact that Type 1 diabetes has on communities around the world. Imagery will be used by the Index team through campaigns, on the website and on social media platforms.

Images for the Global T1D Index

They are hoping to source images representative of the global T1D community that:

  • Offer a diverse and genuine portrayal of individuals within the global T1D community
  • Display positivity and empowerment, without ignoring daily burden
  • Capture people taking action to manage T1D
  • Are high enough quality for web and print use at A4 size. 

Their objective is to capture the impact that Type 1 diabetes has on communities around the world.

They are looking for a diverse range of images, ideally these images will depict T1D in a clear way (e.g. using devices, checking levels, or have imagery indicative of T1D).

If you or anyone in your network would like to support this effort, please submit images via the upload form here.

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