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World Diabetes Day 2020 event video

We celebrated World Diabetes Day 2020 with a virtual event co-hosted by Bete It, YT1 (part of Diabetes SA) and Sweet Life.

You can watch the entire event below (almost 3 hours of diabetes talks and inspiration!)

Here are the links to the presenters and hosts:

World Diabetes Day speakers

  • Nicholas “Diabetic Athletic” Caracandas
    For support in building healthy nutrition and exercise habits, you can check out the range of programmes Nick offers, or chat with him directly via his website or Facebook page.
  • Professor Joel Dave
    Professor Joel Dave is the Head of Endocrinology at Groote Schuur Hospital. You can see his website and profile here however please be aware he is no longer seeing clients in private practice.
  • Maya Du Plessis
    Maya Du Plessis is one half of the amazing ‘Imagine’ Dietetics team! To make contact with her, you can do so via the Imagine Dietetics website, or their Facebook and Instagram page.
  • Daniel Sher
    Daniel is a clinical psychologist with a special interest in diabetes (For obvious reasons – he’s living with Type 1 diabetes). You can make contact with him via his website.
  • Bridget McNulty
    Bridget is an author, speaker and networker. She founded Sweet Life Diabetes Community, the Diabetic South Africans Facebook page, SA Diabetes Advocacy and the Diabetes Alliance.       

World Diabetes Day hosts

  • Kirsten de Klerk: (Bete It co-founder): Kirsten has been a Type 1 diabetic for more than 10 years, you can follow her adventures on Instagram.
  • Bete It: Bete it is an advocacy organisations “For Type 1s, by Type 1’s: Follow Bete It’s Facebook page here.
  • Shelly Schutte (YT1 Co-founder): Shelly has been a Type 1 diabetic for just over 20 years. You can follow her on Instagram.
  • YT1 Youth Warriors: YT1 is the Youth Arm of Diabetes South Africa. You can find out more at the Diabetes South Africa website here or Facebook page.
happy national diabetes day
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